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Laser Hair Removal

Is the treatment permanent?

The permanence of laser hair removal is often questioned. In practice only laser systems destroy complete hair follicles, only when they are shallow enough in the skin. However, with a sufficient number of laser treatments, over the full life cycle of the hair growth, then true permanent hair reduction can certainly be achieved

Is laser treatment safe?

Yes! Laser treatment is recognised as perfectly safe and our laser therapist has 10 years experience of laser and intense pulse light treatments.

Apogee Laser


Our laser centre currently uses the Cynosure elite Nd-Yag/Alexandrite laser.

We use a dual-wavelength Apogee laser. The Apogee permanently removes hair on a wide variety of skin types.




cooling system



The cooling system is a continuous flow of chilled air before, during and after any laser treatment. It is designed for client comfort and to minimise side effects during the laser treatments




Making the Appointment

Your laser specialist will advise you on the time and frequency of your treatment at the consultation. The time between treatments in the early stages of hair removal is very important so that we can destroy the cells responsible for the unwanted hairs.

laser hair removal


We require 24 hrs notice otherwise we will charge 50% of the cost of the treatment.